On July 7th, the Sci Fi channel and its web site will re-brand and become Syfy. The new name will be accompanied by the slogan, "Imagine Greater." We're challenging you, NBC Universal, to "Imagine Better."

Instead of making inane branding changes that you say were approved by fans, why not address the quality of the channel, the addition of wrestling and ghost hunting, the dearth of real science fiction programming? Programming that would make you money.

You say that you're, "Inviting both consumers and advertisers into a new era of unlimited imagination, exceptional experiences and greater entertainment." However, you ordered the removal of Hulu from Boxee, limiting our entertainment experiences and sending us squarely back to the 70's TV model.

There needs to be a change, but not in the name. We say no to the nonsense. No Syfy.

Tell NBC Universal how you feel:

David Howe, Executive President
NBC Universal | Scifi Channel
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY. 10112

David Howe

Fax: +1 212 664 3890